DIY – Building a wine cellar

I love wine, that is no big surprise considering, I own a winery. But I am just now building a wine cellar. This will be my personal wine cellar, and the progress is coming along quite nicely. We took our little red barn out back and converted the middle room into the cellar. The walls will be insulated to R-32, and the ceiling to R-45. The floor I am undecided yet, but it will probably be R-13. The insulation consists of 3.5″ of fiberglass batting, followed by 5″ of rigid foam. To keep everything cool, we will be using a regular window A/C unit that will be modified to stay on until the temperature is a consistent 55 degrees F. This is idea for my red and white wine collection that I just cannot wait to get in there. I will be doing everything from scratch from the installation of the insulation to the construction of the wine racks to the laying of stone on the floor. Granted I have some help from family and friends (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE). So far, we have the fiberglass and foam installed. Here are a couple of pictures to give you a status update and to see how I envision it looking when I’m done. When it is all said and done, it should hold around 800 bottles.

I took quite a few pictures, so if you want to see more or something specific, just let me know. Also, everything was done on a shoestring budget. The whole project should come in under 1000 dollars, but I will update with the final costs when it is all said and done. So far we have spend around 20 hours on it, and we are about 1/4 of the way done.

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