Movie Review: The Expendables (2010)

If you have only one choice this weekend, go see this movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it. To me it was a mix somewhere between Commando meets Rambo after leaving the A-Team.

So, Sly does it again. His most recent movies, in my opinion have been getting better and better, and this is no different. Here he plays a mercenary Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) and his crew of mercenaries (played by Jason Statham, Jet Li, Randy Couture, and Terry Crews) are known as “The Expendables”.  They have their own jackets and matching tattoos and everything.

The film opens up with them kicking the azz out of Somali pirates. Lots of gunz blazing and lots and lots of deaths. Isn’t that what makes a good Rambo movie after all? Talking of Rambo, this could actually pass for a Rambo 5 if they had of changed the names. Then they are hired by a super secret shadowy figure/cameo (Bruce Willis) to take down a general (David Zayas) and end the totalitarian reghime in the fictional country of Vilena. However, it turns out that the general is just a puppet of a rogue CIA agent and his henchmen.

This is a great setup for a totally awesome kick-ass action movie. They go in, and do some recon and the body count continues to climb. The special effects are wonderfully done, with a mix of realism and fake blood squirting and limbs being severed. Nothing as gruesome as the 300, but totally done in the good old Rambo style movie making that seems to have become Sly’s forte. I loved it.

There is some banter, comedy, mixed in with some seriousness, drama, and some romance.

In the end, the good guys win, the bad guys loose, and the body count is well over 100. Lots of explosions, shoot outs, knife fights, etc.

My favorite part of the movie is where Terry Crews is showing off his new gun.. a fully automatic shotgun with uranium depleted high explosion shells. They are in a fight for their life, and loosing.. and then the explosions start. The sounds, the shells, the explosions.. just simply WOW.

The other was the 1 minute cameo with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the one liner of Bruce Willis saying “He’s just mad because he thinks he wants to be President.” HA! Wonderful!

This is a must see, and go and see it at the movies. The big screen will only make this movie that much more enjoyable.

My rating.. 3.5 stars.. ***1/2.

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