Tried out a new product – The Pivotrim Weedeater Head

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Man, this thing is awesom.  You see, I have to trim around my young grape vines.  This is a very delicate task, because if you nick them just a little, it opens the door for infection, and they die pretty easily.  However, with this new weedeater head, that is no longer a problem.  For bigger weeds, it wraps around the vines instead of cutting them, and hence doesnt cut them.   However, it does hit it with enough force, that if you were trimming

Johnson Grass, like I was, it will still cut it, just very slowly.  It is much better designed for trimming actual grass and not big thick weeds, but it will get the job done.    And with 4 strands on it (which is 8 cutting lines), it cuts really fast and you dont have to replace the lines very often at all.   I would estimate that the lines last about 8 times as long as regular t

wine on a single or double line weedeater head.  I can cut 3 full rows of johnson grass, before I have to even think about replacing the lines.  And if I’m not cutting johnson grass, it will last about 3 times that, or about 9 rows.  Thats a lot for 2 feet of twine.

Check it out, and tell me what YOU think about it.

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