Jeff Beavers

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Hello, and welcome to my site.

Well, lets see, I am a Baylor graduate (1998) with a B.S. in Computer Science.  Which I then started working for Baylor University in my early career.  Later, I built my own computer consulting business (XUnleashed), which was fairly successful.  I then found a partner and we established TaultUnleashed.  This is another consulting company which is still in business today.  As my taste buds developed, I grew a fondness of wine and the “finer” things in life, and have decided to start a vineyard and winery.  What will be next?  Only time will tell!!!

Jeff Beavers

Past History:  Author of DevNet at Baylor University, XUnleashed Game Engine, and Exhume Scripting Engine

Companies:  TaultUnleashed President, Waco Vineyard Owner. 

Even Further back:  Created WinShowEQ, UltraCity Auctions, and a few other minor apps.