Bobcat Demolition in Waco – April 19, 2013

Bobcat demolition is part of the business. From time to time we have been asked to tear down houses in and around the waco area in central texas. It only takes a couple of hours to bring down a house and push it into piles ready for disposal.

Here, you can see a 1100 sq foot house that we were contracted to tear down this past week.

bobcat demolition waco 1

Even though we are paid to do it, I must admit, demolition is FUN! My dad and I often have to flip a coin to see who is going to take the house down. We like to call it.. who is going to the the first “bite”.

bobcat demolition waco 2

When you look at the bobcat t250 with the construction grade grapple attached and the pincers wide open, it looks like a big maw ready to consume whatever gets in its way.

bobcat demolition waco 5

From here, its just a matter of time until the house is down. It goes down VERY QUICKLY. This house came down in about 2 hours. We had to be very careful here because the next door neighbors fence was only 6 feet away from the outer edge of the house, and we didn’t want to damage their new car sitting in their driveway.

bobcat demolition waco 3 bobcat demolition waco 4

The rest of the time was spent loading up the trailer to be hauled away to the dump.

We had estimated that this house would be around 35-40 tones. However with all of the concrete support beams underneath and concrete steps (as seen in picture above) it actually was 44 tones. Our local land fill only charges around 29$ a ton, so it is very affordable to have the rubble disposed of.

After everything is all said and done, the land is smoothed out, and most all of the larger pieces are picked up.

bobcat demolition waco 7

All things being equal, we charge around $500 to tear down a house here in waco, tx and push it into piles for disposal. From there we have several options available for disposal ranging from us hauling it off, to loading it into bins, etc. Give us a call if this is something we can help you with in the future!

PS, I am going to try and be better at uploading our random jobs that we are hired to do from time to time. I must really apologize for the lack of updates this last year.


April – 2011 – 2800 Acres of brush clearing in Ft Hood.

We were contracted to help clear out over 2800 acres of Mesquite and Cedar in and around Fort Hood. This is a several month long endeavor utilizing everything that the Bobcat can muster. The contract involves bundling up the trees into piles 70 feet long, by 20 feet wide by 15 feet high. Currently we are averaging around 15 acres a day. The job will run through June, and possibly into July. Here are some pictures of the kinds of things that we are able to accomplish with the Bobcat.

Being able to load over 3 thousand lbs of brush in each scoop makes for quick work. Here you can see the big 84″ grapple performing admirably.

These piles will sit for a few months, and then they will be burned by the military on site.

What is somewhat interesting, is that we are finding all kinds of junk left overs from previous training exercises in the ground all over the place. These include explosive devices like training land mines, mortar rounds, and 50 cal ammunition. These are reported to inspectors who come in and depose of these properly.

If you would like for us to clear out brush in your area, please contact us for a estimate. We have very affordable rates from really small 1-2 hour jobs all the way up to jobs like this that spans several months.

Beavers Construction and Demolitions

What makes work easy? Well, having the right tool for the job, but also the right operator that knows his stuff – makes all the difference.

We have available for hire (with or without operator) skid steer, trencher, mini excavator, dump trailer and more.

Rental rates are very affordable. No job is too big or too small. Click on each of the equipment below to get more information.

To talk with us directly or for phone estimates, please call James at 254-749-2990.

Bobcat T250– This is a workhorse. Capable of lifting over 7000 lbs (rated for 50% = 3600 lbs) and a hydraulic system pushing over 20 gallons a minute.

  • Bucket –
  • Grapple –
  • Forks –
  • Tractor PTO –
Mini Excavator – 38 hp mini-excavator with a 24″ bucket, will dig up old sewer lines, in a hurry!
Riding Trencher – 38 hp Riding Trencher – Run water, sewer, french drain, etc. down to 4 feet deep! Digs great even through rocky soils.
BigTex DU25-16 Dump Trailer– A dump trailer is essential for any dirt/gravel/hauling debris needs.

  • 17 cu yard bed for hauling away trash/debris
  • 26,000 lbs / 13 tons loading capacity
  • 8 cu yards of dirt/gravel in
Placeholder 275 Massey Ferguson Tractor– A must have for any farming needs. Great for running fence, plowing up fields, or planting a row of sapling trees.

  • Shredder
  • Post Hole Auger
  • 2-Place Plow
  • Disc
  • Box Blade
  • Tree Planter