March 23, 2012 – Tear down and haul away garage apartment

This past Saturday, we tore down a 31’x20′ garage apartment. Demolished with the bobcat and grapple attachment, and then hauled away with the dump trailer. It took 3 loads totaling 8 tons of debris. The building was down in about 2 hours. (owner wanted to play with bobcat and take the first few bytes). But we got it down the rest of the way and hauled it off for hit. I wish I had of gotten more pics because the area we had to work with was very tight. There was a fence on one side and the main house on the other. Very tight and difficult to maneuver, but we got ‘er done!

Here is the owner having fun in the bobcat.. and below is the last of the dump loads, just showing off how the dump trailer works. In this video the dump trailer has 10,000 (5 tons) of wood/trash loaded and being dumped.

If you need to rent a dump trailer or have gravel brought in or around Waco, etc, please contact us.


Next week we are also breaking up and hauling off the slab. It is estimated to be around 13 tons. I’ll try to get better/more pics of us hauling it off.

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