Beavers Construction and Demolitions

What makes work easy? Well, having the right tool for the job, but also the right operator that knows his stuff – makes all the difference.

We have available for hire (with or without operator) skid steer, trencher, mini excavator, dump trailer and more.

Rental rates are very affordable. No job is too big or too small. Click on each of the equipment below to get more information.

To talk with us directly or for phone estimates, please call James at 254-749-2990.

Bobcat T250– This is a workhorse. Capable of lifting over 7000 lbs (rated for 50% = 3600 lbs) and a hydraulic system pushing over 20 gallons a minute.

  • Bucket –
  • Grapple –
  • Forks –
  • Tractor PTO –
Mini Excavator – 38 hp mini-excavator with a 24″ bucket, will dig up old sewer lines, in a hurry!
Riding Trencher – 38 hp Riding Trencher – Run water, sewer, french drain, etc. down to 4 feet deep! Digs great even through rocky soils.
BigTex DU25-16 Dump Trailer– A dump trailer is essential for any dirt/gravel/hauling debris needs.

  • 17 cu yard bed for hauling away trash/debris
  • 26,000 lbs / 13 tons loading capacity
  • 8 cu yards of dirt/gravel in
Placeholder 275 Massey Ferguson Tractor– A must have for any farming needs. Great for running fence, plowing up fields, or planting a row of sapling trees.

  • Shredder
  • Post Hole Auger
  • 2-Place Plow
  • Disc
  • Box Blade
  • Tree Planter

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