Total Lunar Eclipse – December 21, 2010

Do not forget to stay up late tonight and see the total lunar eclipse tonight starting at 12:32 AM CST.

A lunar eclipse is similar to a solar eclipse, except the other way around.  It is when the moon passes through Earth’s shadow of the sun. This event only happens about 2-3 times a year.

The total lunar eclipse is scheduled to begin at 12:32 AM CST.

The full moon will look like it is getting a shave on one side a little at a time. As the eclipse continues, more and more of the full moon will darken until the entire moon is completely in the shadow.

At 1:41 AM CST, the moon will be completely within the shadow of the earth until around 2:52 AM CST. You will still be able to see the moon, even though it is shadowed by the earth because of the way the light bends while passing through our atmosphere. It will appear to look dark red or dark orange.

Then as the moon slowly passes beyond the earth’s shadow, it will start to brighten back to its full moon state by 4:01 AM CST, it will look like nothing happened. That will be the end of the eclipse.

Keep in mind that unlike as solar eclipse, you CAN look at a lunar eclipse with no fear of damaging your eyes.

I for one will be one of the millions staying up to watch it tonight. I hope you join me!

If you would like to see an animation of it, watch the video below:

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